Target Market Segmentation and Persona Development


A client needed to gain a deeper understanding of its target customers and develop descriptive personas to help guide their internal and external creative groups to understand the different market segments.

Our Approach

Firedrive performed a quantitative assessment to segment the pool of potential customers and statistically determine the size, demographics, motivations, and behaviors of each segment.


Using the information from the quantitative assessment, we developed a persona for each segment that brought the target customer to life and improved understanding of each type of customer. Each persona included a name, graphic or photo, and key attributes for that type of customer. The personas were then collapsed into a one-page reference sheet to be used as a quick, easy tool that internal and external marketing partners, such as advertising agencies, can use to develop marketing messages and materials that focus tightly on what matters to and drives each potential customer type.

Target Market Segmentation and Persona Development