Accelerating Growth


A small to mid-sized promotional products company wanted to accelerate their new business development. The company had not spent a great deal of time or resources marketing the business and sales had plateaued.

Our Approach

After initial discussion and discovery with the principals of the business, it was clear that a new logo design and website consistent with the company’s brand should be an initial step in a longer-term marketing and business development strategy. Working with the client, Firedrive led the client through a discovery phase and the development of a value proposition that highlighted their differentiation in a crowded marketplace. This work led to the creation of a creative brief that served as the foundation for all aspects of a new logo and website redesign. Firedrive Marketing Group led an RFP process to select the best creative partner for the scope of work. Once the partner was selected, Firedrive guided the strategy and served as the single point of contact for the client during the implementation and rollout of the new site and logo.


Firedrive served as the project manager and leader throughout the entire process leading to the development of a new brand identity and website. Both were successfully launched on time and on budget and have become the platform for future marketing activities.

Accelerating Growth